Memories are like Firewood

Hunting / Fishing and Photographic Safari Outfitter

At Leopard Moon Safaris, the aim of the team is to help you collect some of the best firewood for the old days. For when the day comes and we are old and sitting around the campfire, you will have some of the most interesting and exciting stories of all.

About Africa and its people, about some of the best game meat and best tasting brandy in the world, about a buffalo charge and a black fin shark jumping out of the water while your reel is screaming. A giant kingfish nearly stripping all the line of your reel, about a tiger fish throwing the lure back in your face. About a picture of a rhino and her calf, that is hanging in the Smithsonian Museum. Stories about the dark continent and its beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and captivating savannahs.

Our Vision

The teams vision is to support nature and wildlife, conservation through utilization, humane hunting practices and personal services to our clients. We are also proud owners of Africa Wildlife Taxidermy. We can therefore offer the best field preparation as well as taxidermy and dip and pack services for your trophies.


We are situated in the North West Province, just two hours drive from OR Tambo. We have concessions consisting of thousands of acres in some of the most beautiful parts of the world. All types of hunting are available, we will cater for all your needs.

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Dolph Scheepers

Well there is not a lot to say about me, other than my main goal is to send clients, who inevitably becomes friends, back home with utmost happiness and fulfilment of dreams.

I have been hunting ever since I can remember and have hunted many parts of Africa, America and Canada. I am a well-trained taxidermist for almost 20 years and the owner of Africa Wild Life Artistry.

I am an avid game breeder and also cultivate some of the rarest species of plants in the world.

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Larry Reese

He is like our father and slaps us regularly on the fingers if the bacon isn't crispy enough. Larry is a taxidermist in Maryland, USA and also the Leopard Moon Safari Agent for USA.

He has been a booking agent for many years and have a chest full of happy clients. Larry is also a professional photographer and will gladly assist you in that matter.

Larry is the bow hunter and has taken some beautiful trophies over the years. He just loves sitting in the blind and take pictures before a trophies animal walks in.

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Renier Smith

Renier is a very dedicated hunter, who has travelled the world with me.

He has hunted Canada, America, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. He is also a pharmacist and has got a broad medical education.

His knowledge of tracking and the bush is exceptional.

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Rudolph Scheepers

Rudolph is our expert fishing guide. He has been involved in all kinds of angling for many years and still compete professionally and provincially all the time.

As seen on television Rudolph is a master guide. And represents Pure fishing on all the facets of angling.

Rudolph is in charge of all the fishing tours. And will make your reel scream with pleasure.

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Rob Cullymore

I met Rob at Long Lake Adventures in Canada. Rob is also the owner of Moose Creek Lodge in Newfoundland.

Rob is the Canadian Agent for Leopard Moon Safaris.

A good sincere man who will go a long way to help you get your trophies.

Friends of

Wildlife Artistry Taxidermy

Long Lake Adventures

Moose Creek Lodge